Polonca Kovač

Polonca Kovač completed her PhD studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana in 2005. She has been employed firstly as a higher official at the Administrative Unit Kranj, for further five years at the Ministry of Interior and as a researcher and university teacher at the Faculty of Administration in Ljubljana since 2001.

She is an Associate Professor on the fields of administrative law and public administration since 2013. She has acted in several managerial functions, e.g. leading Faculty’s centers for pedagogic excellence, and consulting and training. Her main areas of ​​research, in national and international scientific projects, are public administration functioning, reforms, Europeanization and its structures, administrative procedural law and good administration.

As a researcher she is as a member of research program, funded by national R&D agency on effectiveness and efficiency of public administrator, for the period of 2009–2018. Other research projects that she has been involved or led have dealt with optimization of building permits procedures, RIA, good administration principles and transparency, ADR, one-stop-shops, inspections services, etc. She is the (co)author of numerous scientific articles and conference papers (EGPA, NISPAcee, TED, etc.) and monographs (Regulatory Impact Assessment (2009), Development of Slovenian PA (2011), The Constitution Commentary (2011), ADR in European Administrative law (2014), Procedural Dilemmas on Use of APA (2012, 2015)).

She is a co-director of EGPA permanent study group on law and public administration since 2013. She is an active reviewer for several national R&D and High Education Agencies and a WB, OECD, SIGMA and ReSPA expert.