Information for Reviewers

The DANUBE: Law, Economics and Social Issues Review maintains a standard double-blind peer review process. The double-blind process means that the author does not know the reviewer’s identity, nor does the reviewer know the name of the author or other reviewer.

Two independent reviews are required for each manuscript. The main goal of the reviews is to improve and lend objectivity to the decision of the members of the Editorial board. Those are supposed to follow the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and other Guidelines approved by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

All accepted manuscripts undergo language editing and proofreading. Nevertheless, incorrect grammar and style may be a reason for refusing a paper, even if the content meets the criteria of a peer-reviewed journal.

Submit the review online via Editorial Manager using the Review Form. Further comments on the paper are useful for both editors and authors and are welcome. Reviews are provided to authors anonymously.

If you are willing to continue cooperation with editors and to review papers in the future, please indicate this fact on the form and fill in your main fields of interest.