Activities of the EACO

European Association Comenius – EACO supports many scientific activities in the Danubian region above all, but also in other European countries. Its main activity lies in supporting publishing of the DANUBE: Law, Economics and Social Issues Review, which is a high-quality peer-reviewed journal indexed in many databases of global importance, such as SCOPUS by Elsevier. More information on the journal and its Aims & Scope may be found here.

EACO is also an institution supporting education, among other things by granting accreditations for BBA, MBA, LL.M., and similar professional education study programmes. EACO Accrediation Standards and more information on the accreditation process are available here.

Activity that gains much in importance nowadays lies in holding an annual scientific Conference. The Conference is indexed in Conference Proceedings Citation Index by Thomson Reuters included in its Web of Science under its original name Taxes in the World. As the interest in the participation on the conference greatly exceeds thematically the topic of taxes and their impact on the economy, the scope of the conference has been expanding since 2015 also on other topics. Click here for more information.

The DANUBE and the Conference take the primary places in the EACO activities, however the Association supports also other scientific activities that may contribute to dissemination of knowledge in the region. For more, click here.