About EACO

European Association Comenius – EACO continues the activity of the Comenius Association. The latter came into being on January 26, 1872 in Vienna, although the focus of its activity was subsequently transferred to Prague and other cities of the Danubian Monarchy. Its role was to provide educational support, organize the establishment of schools and subsidize grant programs. In 1942, the association was dissolved. Its activity was renewed after the end of the Second World War, although only in Vienna.

During the socialist period of the Czech Republic and other countries, all attempts to revive the activities of the association were unsuccessful. Informal steps to revive its activities began to be taken after the collapse of socialism. These steps culminated in the creation of an institution in the form of the Czech Educational Support Association, which upheld the tradition of non-profit educational support and international mobility in the countries of the former Danubian Monarchy.

In 2010, two years before the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the original Comenius Association, the association was renamed to EACO and its seat was transferred to the Czech Republic. Above all, the aim of EACO is to support publications in the core countries of the former Danubian Monarchy, especially in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia, or also other European countries that share similar legal or cultural traditions. Due to the differing development of these countries after the Second World War and their annexation to either the Eastern or Western Bloc, many of their common ties were destroyed. These ties may now be established anew in such a way that countries which are not only close to each other from a geographical point of view, but which also have a common, almost five hundred-year-old history, would unite again to form an independent, specific region of the European Union.